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Friday, January 10, 2014

Trade Deals Cancelled

Trade deals made by self serving or big money elected governments of Canada have all been nullified by the Garden Party.  That should remove  some hundreds of thousands of lawyers presently milking the public sheep around the world.  The Garden Party sent all Trade Deals to the compost bin of history. Now everybody can just make there own deals.   Do what will work with more people, show by example, exercise your philosophy. It's just a new movie, only this time, you are the director.   Of You.  Be your own Boss!  Demand the best, or fire yourself. A lot more than 46,000  "permanent jobs" are going be gone this year in BC.  This means even more young people with  nothing to do.   Garden Party has plenty to do and has 46,000 vacancies waiting for work to start. Do we have to leave our garden to show you how?  OK, 

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