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Monday, January 20, 2014

Canada's Best Rat Trap

No we are not talking about Canadian Politicians.  The furry rat that knows about traps and is hard to catch.
     Bucket with water a full hand deep
    Styro foam chips on water. No water visable.
    Food on Chips,
     Any food that can be smelled , on board and big enough space to jump on chips to get more
    Cannot jump in water. Day one.
    Reset, caught three in same pail at once.  Only miss was a big rat because of shallow water.
     World Do Nothing Day, 21st of Every Month.  
    Day two Jan 21st, World Park Your Car Day.
    Day three,
   Day four, trap was not properly set yesterday, top board covered whole top.
    Three days later.
   Big female next day.# 6.

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