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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Garden

      One thing that won't fall apart because you do, is the Garden.  It will go on living with all it's creatures and find it's way without you.  I make no preparation for after death, it will no longer matter to me what happens to my body, dig a hole and roll the body in, or leave it to the  worms, or ravens, or burn it up, or salvage parts.  Just a part of the biomass being recycled.  
     Every birth is a immaculate conception.  In human death, worms might also have a immaculate conception.  Wet weather has slowed down the pruning but expecting the 10,465 BC folks who lost their "permanent" jobs in Dec. to start pruning the fruit trees where they live and plan a garden as well.  We have extra tools, plants, dirt. seeds, but have filled all our pots.   We could use lots of large planter pots.

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