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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spying on the whole world.

    The struggle to hold on to power is going on in good old U S A.   Their financial institutions are held together with crazy glue and due to the good work of The Garden Party's Minister for More Unemployment, it may come down to a pile of yuck sooner than later.   We are sending over Gardeners disguised as Tourists to dig in all the States.  But once a country mob has been King Of The Castle so long, they create a lot of Hardpan and that takes a bit of manure to brake it up.  If the US took back all the shit they spread around the world since WW2, there might be enough.  At any rate, the days of mighty nations is over, mighty rulers will will soon discover what they have been missing.  The Garden.
   Jan 21st, World Do Nothing Day, take advantage of this holiday to get something real done.

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