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Friday, January 24, 2014

Refugees of Syria

    Canadians, every community in Canada could take a Family of Refugees, rent a house for them, provide what needs they have.  Show them work, give them medical like we all have and for what it's worth, kids could go to school.  When things change so they can return, fly them home.  Some may want to stay, why not.
     This action is relatively simple.  House, utilities, food, cloths.  When you or your group can provide for two years, the needs of a family, call up the Red Cross to Fly a family to where you are, and welcome them as your own Family. Do it now.  Help them to fit in to the community. If we took hundreds of families out of refugee camps it would relieve the pressures and shortages at the camps. Certainly our concerned elected PM has room for a family and can afford it.  
     No matter where you live,  a farm family would be easy to find beneficial work to do.  Take  the families most in need, commit to two years. Someone with 25 acres and a empty barn could have 5 happy families growing their own food.  Local retired gardeners and other experts would be glad to get off their antidepressants to show the visitors what works here and help them feel at home. Get on with it.

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