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Monday, January 27, 2014

Power Corrupts

      Syria is an example of the corruption of Power.  All of our Systems of Government are capable of turning into another Syria , including a Democracy.  A Dictator is only one person, but if that person has obedient well equipped police force and armies, suppression of opposition follows.  
     In Canada, 'tough on crime' laws and enforcement, with mandatory longer incarceration, increasing surveillance, leader picked judges, opposition will be disregarded, or locked up, or even worse.   We are heading towards the situation now going down in Syria.  As time passes, the power gets into a smaller group of people, as has already happened in the USA.  People after power or money will stage events to justify their actions for going to war with their own people.  All dissenters become terrorists when they rise up against the leaders.  The more centralized the power is, the greater the danger is losing all freedoms. Stop setting people up with power even if they are good guys.  Plenty of good guys in our history have been the cause of a lot of death and destruction. People have to develop self government in which power is in each person.  As we have it right now, you could be beat up by police, throw in jail, and given a criminal record even if you did nothing.
     The Garden Party embraces Self Government, it does not recognize the elected governments of Canada. They are the tools of corporations, who keep coin operated politicians in seats of power.  That is changing.  The grass roots is taking over Canada with 11,122 Spies.

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