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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Olympic Games Cancelled

    The Garden Party, due to cutbacks on insanity,  has cancelled the flag waving silly games.  Russia is spending 50 billion Putin peas, on winter games to entertain dead brain cells while real problems need to be addressed.  How many refugees are suffering in camps  right now?  How many environmental disasters are happening right now?  How many people in Russia are getting jerked around because of the games?  Who is reaping profits from the games and leaving the debts behind?  
     Sports can be fun, healthy, and low cost.  But being a sports bum  is not considered a real social contribution, by the Garden Party.    We are calling for the grounding of all flying gladiators that are adding to consumption of jet fuels.  Add on billions of gallons of gasoline used by  fans to cheer and jeer at giant stadiums and remain blind to the corruption and wipe out of life on this planet.  Wake up.
      The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is also pumping up and encouraging the Nationalist Games as if it is something important.  Sports is a industry and CBC does plenty of free advertising for what is mostly about profits.  Where is the reporting on all the messed up bodies who get wrecked reaching for the top of the manure pile.  A social cost we hear little about.  Boycott Insanity.  

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