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Friday, January 3, 2014

Old Ways, New Ways.

     Some of the old ways that clearly do not get the desired result,  we naturally seek a better way.  A few old ways are heading for the dust bin of History.  The need to get Money's permission, to get the resources,  to take an action to prevent a disaster;  is one way that has to be composted.  Money is a major error, but not that difficult to get rid of.
      Another old way that must go is our present form of Government.  All present forms of a few  chosen people,  deciding for the many, often against the many's desire, is not working for anybody.  We are evolving a new formless government that is invisible, in every area of the province.  Everywhere people are ignoring their government as much as possible,  and taking their own action, it is then we see where the obstacles are, as likely as not, the government.  So, the Garden Party is well rooted,  the tree bears good fruit,  a keeper.   Garden Parties everywhere on Tuesdays.  Be your own government,  it is a job for everybody.  Welcome to the shade!

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