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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Occupation Duncan

This is a good news story.  There is another BC FEEDS BC operation getting a local food supply going in on Westhome Rd.  Duncan BC.  These folks are planting fruit trees, pruning old ones.  They asked for help from a expert to learn what and  how to propagate and care for fruit trees.  They will be a secure local food supply.  Their operation will be a place to get seed, cuttings, plants for many others who are discovering the joys of growing their own. 
     Here is an open door, for you bored  retired experts, something to do on your own time. You might have the best time of your life. A good way to go. Giving and receiving the gift of life. So put away those anti depressants.  If you have orchard experience get it touch with  the Garden Party 604 928 3663, we need experienced experts in the areas of Duncan, Victoria, and Chilliwack.  Next week,  Occupation Duncan, " What we do with a old neglected King Apple Tree."   

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