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Friday, February 7, 2014

N A Retailers Sales Down

     Our First Buy Nothing For Xmas Campaign was a success.  The Big Box of Garbage Stores got stuck with hundreds of tons of garbage goods that cut deep in their expected profits.  The backlog will hit harder on manufacturers and wholesalers this year with lots of layoffs.  China will have a hick-up, sales will start dropping while they are still expanding.  Their crash will be harsh unless they start back peddling now.  The Garden Party insists on supporting locally produced quality goods. We would like to set up a small steal making Industry, and fire it up when we want to make new shovels.  A lot of the Garden tools today lack the Quality of the Old Tools.  Made with good steel, and handles. Doing the best you knew how,  was a kind of human trait at one time.   What you did and how you did your work, was who you were.  And it is who you are today, a little pride might not be so bad.
     Jan 21st is World Buy Nothing.  Save money, Buy Nothing Now,  and get a Second Buy Nothing Day for Free!  Just try it out and if you are not satisfied with the results, The Garden Party will give you Two More Days  for free.   We make results, place your order, the day is yours. 
     Message from the Self Gov of Canada's Minister of This and That, the Right Honourable Busybody.    Warning to the folks in the USA.  Expect a big drop in Crappy Monsanto Fast Food Outlet's profits.  Workers for these places should get a garden started and eat some brain food that they grow.  Quit their jobs before the pending layoffs.  Happy Buy Nothing Day !!

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