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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Minimum Wage

     Raising the wages or welfare of low income folks gives the poor a little extra for about three months.  By that time their rents will adjust, as many landlords will want to get a raise too.  Prices go up, nothing much changes.  Poverty continues.  Something is fundamentally wrong.
    Why do we not have a system that includes all people to be able to make a social contribution, and receive social assistance?  Of course under our present structure if you have lots of ill gottin gain, money, you are entitled to receive the best of social assistance and never make any social contribution.
     The Garden Party has gotten rid of the minimum wage, we have cancelled wages completely!   Now we can work for something!  We work freely but not for nothing.   Nothing is what money is, a belief,  that makes rich rich, and poor servicing the rich who can squander all they want.   Raise the pay when the poor make noise,  then put the rent up,  keep the slaves serving.  By getting rid of wages we suddenly are able to cut off the freeloaders,  this may have a backlash from unpaid landlords, and we are recommending everyone who is paying rent or a mortgage get a good tent, you may or may not need it.  Start Gardens Everywhere, start using those old hand tools and take good care of them.  Good quality hand tools are valuable, we are gathering and using them now.
    The Garden Party is just saying, bring down what needs bringing down, grow up what needs to grow up. February 21st is World Do Nothing Day, don't miss it.

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