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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making Democracy

What is your definition of the word : Democracy?  The Garden Party just considers everyone equal.  Everyone gives a little, everyone gets a little.  Fair is Fair.  Yes life will have ups and downs, that's Life.  But for mankind to construct such wasteful lifestyles, at the same time be unable to take care of themselves  because of infrastructure crashes. Now a regular happening.  The Garden Party is just saying: wherever you are grow a garden.  We will grow the New Grass Roots Party, self governing, self sustaining.  Stress is harmful on persons health, and related social costs. No stress in the future.  The Garden Party, has no regular hours, to do government work, we are always on time. All the benefits come with the job.  Lots to Eat and it is specially good because you grew it. And it is Fresh!

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