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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Legal Industry

Incompetent Elected Governments and the Legal Industry ripping off as much as they can, are the reason we cancelled elections, and kicked the lawyers out of the garden.  .  The Garden Party is quite aware of how corrupt our world has been and is today.  Thanks to Snowdon more has been exposed,  and it should all be exposed.  All the backroom deals, cover-ups, black budgets and hidden agendas.
     The systems of government we have, failed.  Our monetary system is a obstacle to improving our lives,   Money is actually consuming our lives.  We of the Garden Party have started our own Self Government and created our own pea buck. .  Ministers of This and That, Come and Go, when we need them. There is no budget, no Minister of Funny Money, and no cost of Government. Because we collect no taxes, we don't need to waste lives to keep track of every exchange.  A big savings. We have a education system that does not need centralized administering,  another big saving.  We find our Military Defence offensive and are creating a  Emergency  Response Team of Gardeners to replace it in Eight Years.  These are drastic times, expect drastic measures.  Only dirt on Gardeners hands.  Dandelions love growing in pots, are deluxe in taste and food value,  and start early.  Dig up a root and put it in a pot.

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