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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Invasion of Europe

     The Garden Party has a spy now rooted in the Netherlands.   And our gripe vines grow at a astounding speed, leaving  behind a wake of chaos converting into luscious gardens, less cars, less crime ( lawyers pulling weeds ), self government, etc.   And of course we have two options as to the Euro.  One course is to use pea seed, it holds it same value constantly. You can multiply your pea seed when you need more peas.  Euros go up and down, lose value with inflation, do not grow, a pretend value.  Certainly a Pea is worth more than a Euro.  What can you do with a Euro?  A single pea seed has the potential to feed the whole world all the peas they could eat, ten years from now.  The Euro Shrinks the Pea Grows, that's how it goes.  The other course is, do not replace money with anything, just wiggle out of using it.  That is what the Garden Party is doing, wiggling and gripping.
     World Do Nothing Day,  Jan 21st,  give the planet a day off, broadcast seed.  
       Planted peas today.  Taking a chance .
  Garlic is making a move.
New project in the works.  VICTORIA BC, Raw Sewage  Capital of Canada

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