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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

     Killing will stop in Syria?  Africa?  Pakistan?  Mexico?  Surrey, BC? Refugees will be accommodated by countries like Canada?   By Canadians?  Until they are able to return to their homeland, go somewhere else, or get settled in here.?   As far as work goes,  The Garden Parties that are starting up everywhere have loads of fun work to get done in 8 years.  BC FEEDS BC  in eight years.  We could use a couple of Refugee Camps right here on BC. Can you accommodate a family?  A couple? A single?  A child?  Looking for some way to give instead of get?   We could all make a big impact on the world condition  by every one of our little impacts.  Can we make our own governments servants of the people ?, yes we can.   If we have to make our own government,  we can. That is what is now taking place in BC, Canada, and wherever Gardeners are Partying.  
     A message from our Minister Busybody who will be going to the Gladiator Games in Russia to join in the 200 meter digging race,  and Busybody will definitely be  in the heavy metals 10,000 meter hoe race.  Every Canadian will want to get one of his super hoes when they watch him whacking frozen ground in Russia  52 meters a hour and planting peas at the same time.  We are not sure that any Canadians will pass the "Dope" test, pouring billions into games, while the shit continues around the world.  Quit the money games, Shut down the arms industry where you live, put down the guns, everybody, pick up the shovel.  Pea Gardens. Happy new year! 

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