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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Garden Party Pushing Up.

     We have no idea what our movement is doing or what will happen as it seems to be growing steady and not so slow. .  Self control, self government, self sustaining, connecting, supporting each other, all for the long term.  We are finding ways of developing the example of Democracy,  without taking down the Elected Government, but digging them out.  We are a Self Government, our vote counts,  we are not giving it away, we all have a voice, and a say in what's happening in our world.  Have your own election..  Take advice from your from your experts, but no one should give their vote away, that is how we get dictators who do what they want and tell us what we get,  We get to hold the bag and clean up the mess.  Well, The Garden Party is here to clean up the mess, how about you.  Planning a Garden?

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