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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Funny Money Everywhere

    All the countries are printing money to shovel out to make sure they have potatoes this year.  If you could pull potatoes out of the air like money, well, they would be clean.  But potatoes grow in the dirt.  A Garden Farmer will not sell his potatoes for funny money.  "What do you have that is real?  The Farmer would ask.  What is the value of your work? ". The Funny Money is to simulate.the money economy.  Makes a bigger bubble and deeper hole.  A hole they say we must forever pay, by LAW.   Actually, by LAW, we can outlaw LAW.   In a real domocracy, as we call ourselves in Canada,  we can.  Therefore, we  can by one vote outlaw debt, all debt cancelled.  Done.  The Garden Party does not recognize any Government debt.  We are no longer being held hostage by the manipulating money changers.  We have our own currency. Pea Seed.  No more Buying and Selling.  A collective Goal.

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