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Friday, January 17, 2014

Farmed Salmon Ban BC

     Farmed salmon are sick fish not fit to feed a dog. That is why they are shipped to China and elsewhere to people who are unaware they are getting Flea ridden, caged, drugged, soft fleshed, worm infested genetically modified garbage.  Polluting the waters, and a danger to the wild stocks.  The evidence is in, look it up, not from invested interests who's bottom line is $$$ and nonsense.  If you check  political contributions you will find slimy dollars in provincial and federal political party vaults.
     What to do?  Stay healthy, do not buy, eat or sell farmed salmon.   Do not work on  Fish Concentration Farms, Ban the Farms off BC Coast, clean up and protect all wild salmon waters, starting with a ban on all herbicide spraying in BC.  Throw back  any politician allowing Salmon Fish Farms to continue.   Yes you can, and we will, faster if you can swim up stream.  
     Jan. 21st is World Do Nothing Day.  Do not miss the action,  a message from the Minister For More Unemployment, who plants potatoes in January.

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