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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Energy Glut Stopping

Fracking, tar sands oil, nuclear plants, whoopee, we have lots of energy to continue our insanity making money while destroying all life on the only planet we have.  Boom, bust and rust, no overview, no long term considerations, ignoring all warnings by informed experts, as a matter of fact in Canada the elected government has trashed environment oversight, silenced government scientists, and spends millions misinforming the general population.  We, all of us, are under the threat of extinction.  This cannot be ignored, all informed people have a responsibility to push back.  The Garden Party has made the proposal to the concerned to shut down everything starting with one day a month.  Any day would fine, but the day chosen is the 21st of every month, this practice was started Dec 21st 2012, and is being done by a few as a regular event.  One way we can take back control from politicians, self appointed rulers, is do nothing, buy nothing, drive nothing, spend a day in the Garden with the kids.
     Jan 21st is the next World Do Nothing Day, a good day to start your personal action.  

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