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Friday, January 24, 2014

Beyond Computers

     What ever the values of this great new world communication systems we hold in our hands, there are costs, many known, many unknown.  Just saying, what is the entire impact on our social,  physical, and natural environment?  Will anything function if for whatever reason our computers get shut down? We at the Garden Party are setting up all our actions so they will still continue if everything else collapses. Foresight. Who in the future might get control of the next advance that everyone must have?  This is a tool, we have a planet to sustain.  Dead Earth, nobody to buy the next new thing. 
      Feb 21st World No Buying Day, join in, take the day off.   It is also World Do Nothing Day, no shooting, no drones, no stress day.  Gardening is very relaxing. 
This has been a message from our Minister For More Unemployment, who suggests taking as many days off as possible if you are a slave for Monsanto, just one example of some things better left undone and we know lots of other things better left undone.  If you find yourself stuck doing one of these jobs, start a Garden, and grow. Glad to offer Ideas, for starters.  Show and Tell.

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