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Thursday, January 2, 2014

better left undone

Occupation Apple Tree is diversifling, into the business of gathering up materials you might find in a lumber and hardware store and making them available for good use,  free.  In cooperation with  The Garbage Guru, Victoria BC. 250~818~1992,  a clean up and hauling business,  Gathering materials has started.   We will need dry storage for things such as canning jars,  apple boxes, ladders, mushroom baskets, seeds, etc.  The Garbage Guru is  ready to set up a large recycling operation to redirect  95% of what is presently going to the dump in Heal Lake and is looking for locations for a different kind of redirection.  The operation is evolving.  This year many "new ways and some old ways" of doing things will come into play all over the world..  Right now,  for free lumber for raised beds,  call the Guru.   

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