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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BC For Sale

    Yes it's business more than usual. With the Social Party holding the Public Purse in BC, and a elected Premier that promised to make people of BC rich, if she got elected.
     BC is having a Giant Garage Sale, that is a garage sale for the giants that have been making nice political donations.   One of these Giants that is getting the fast tract permission to open mines in B C, is presently , just walking away after killing a lake in NFL.
     Why don't we just put a stop to all new mining and leave the ore and fuels where they are, their value will only increase.  These resources belong to everybody, they do not belong a corporation that buys elections. We might even like to leave some ore in the ground for future generations.
     More more more is the lie for the construction of Site C Dam.  We do not need it, the real reason some elected members want it, is that it will make them rich.  Remember we just lost a profit making railway line, and almost had the Highway from Hope to Kamloops privatized.   This is the Same Party in office,  old habits persist.  Stop the Garage Sale, they are all Hot Goods.
     Message from The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment who has been moving planter pots today.

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