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Friday, January 31, 2014

Toronto's Mayor

     We doubt that very many Canadians like the Mayor of Toronto's private activities, what they do like is his being a fly that bites in the face of so many other "government" officials.  Most people who approach City Hall, Police Stations, offices of any branch of government from local to the Big House, walk away feeling mistreated, like you are a lesser person, a fly on the wall.  It is a attitude that seems to seep into all government officials in their very secure jobs.
      When the media spends so much time reporting on one mans 'bad' actions, we hear nothing of the news from South America or Africa, the suppression, evictions, killings, environmental damages made by Canadian Registered Mining Companies. We hear nothing about Monsanto Cramming G M OS on Argentina or the Wars that  the US has going with Drones, at least three. Weekee Leeks.  The mainstream media gives us no coverage of conditions of refugee camps, instead they are following around one person for weeks, asking the same stupid questions.  How about some hard questions about the dehumanized behaviour of Canada's Border Guards, Immigration, RCMP, City Police, Jail Guards.  It seems if people are given a badge and a gun, authority over others, it does strange things to their brain, they lose some humanity, often creating trouble where there was none until they introduced it.  Have a nice day on Feb 21st, World Do Nothing Day!  Or just clean up the garden and compost all dehumanizing jobs.  
     A Message From our Minister of This and That,  One apple tree to prune tomorrow.

Terminator Seed Planted

     The Garden Party has planted the seed, the termination of Monsanto, a corporation who buys politicians around the world, gets laws past so they can make fortunes while actually causing great harm.  Shut down every business that handles their products.  This is harsh on some local suppliers,  but put Monsanto into History's Compost.  Just ask stores if they have any GMOs, or any products produced by Monsanto, tell them you will shop elsewhere if they keep selling Monsanto products.  Hopefully our terminator seed is landing on futile ground and will bear good fruit.
     World Buy Nothing Day Feb. 21st.

Next Wall Street Crash

The Garden Party Predicts the next crash  of the stock markets will send them into history.  A lot of squirrels will be upset when they discovery their nuts have disappeared.  The stock market is nothing more than manipulated gambling, without any substance, the squirrels lose every time.  Banks will go down like a domino, and crazy glue will no longer hold together the illusion.  There will be a run on all Banks and bubbles will be blowing up everywhere.  We should be ready for it, grow a garden, the best thing anyone could do for the environment,  other than dropping dead.
    If things haven't collapsed by then, celebrate Feb 21st World Do Nothing Day and help it come about, but prepare for the world transformation that is coming about now. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Minimum Wage

     Raising the wages or welfare of low income folks gives the poor a little extra for about three months.  By that time their rents will adjust, as many landlords will want to get a raise too.  Prices go up, nothing much changes.  Poverty continues.  Something is fundamentally wrong.
    Why do we not have a system that includes all people to be able to make a social contribution, and receive social assistance?  Of course under our present structure if you have lots of ill gottin gain, money, you are entitled to receive the best of social assistance and never make any social contribution.
     The Garden Party has gotten rid of the minimum wage, we have cancelled wages completely!   Now we can work for something!  We work freely but not for nothing.   Nothing is what money is, a belief,  that makes rich rich, and poor servicing the rich who can squander all they want.   Raise the pay when the poor make noise,  then put the rent up,  keep the slaves serving.  By getting rid of wages we suddenly are able to cut off the freeloaders,  this may have a backlash from unpaid landlords, and we are recommending everyone who is paying rent or a mortgage get a good tent, you may or may not need it.  Start Gardens Everywhere, start using those old hand tools and take good care of them.  Good quality hand tools are valuable, we are gathering and using them now.
    The Garden Party is just saying, bring down what needs bringing down, grow up what needs to grow up. February 21st is World Do Nothing Day, don't miss it.

Canada's Spies US Spies.

    Is Canada's new spy agency actually a arm of the US Spy Industry?  Could be, we have been lied to so much that nothing surprises us any more.  The Garden Party is very disappointed to find these two spy networks are like two peas in a pod.  We had hoped we had spies watching us from two networks and the discovery that only one was, made for a sad day.  So the Friendly Canadian Taxpayer is paying the bill of what appears to be an arm of the US spy machine, or do they know that?
     The Garden Party's Minister of Misinformation thinks its time to recall all 11,207 spies and get them into Gardening, some kind of useful work, after all they are on the taxpayer's payroll, at least we can get peas and potatoes.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Olympic Games Cancelled

    The Garden Party, due to cutbacks on insanity,  has cancelled the flag waving silly games.  Russia is spending 50 billion Putin peas, on winter games to entertain dead brain cells while real problems need to be addressed.  How many refugees are suffering in camps  right now?  How many environmental disasters are happening right now?  How many people in Russia are getting jerked around because of the games?  Who is reaping profits from the games and leaving the debts behind?  
     Sports can be fun, healthy, and low cost.  But being a sports bum  is not considered a real social contribution, by the Garden Party.    We are calling for the grounding of all flying gladiators that are adding to consumption of jet fuels.  Add on billions of gallons of gasoline used by  fans to cheer and jeer at giant stadiums and remain blind to the corruption and wipe out of life on this planet.  Wake up.
      The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is also pumping up and encouraging the Nationalist Games as if it is something important.  Sports is a industry and CBC does plenty of free advertising for what is mostly about profits.  Where is the reporting on all the messed up bodies who get wrecked reaching for the top of the manure pile.  A social cost we hear little about.  Boycott Insanity.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BC For Sale

    Yes it's business more than usual. With the Social Party holding the Public Purse in BC, and a elected Premier that promised to make people of BC rich, if she got elected.
     BC is having a Giant Garage Sale, that is a garage sale for the giants that have been making nice political donations.   One of these Giants that is getting the fast tract permission to open mines in B C, is presently , just walking away after killing a lake in NFL.
     Why don't we just put a stop to all new mining and leave the ore and fuels where they are, their value will only increase.  These resources belong to everybody, they do not belong a corporation that buys elections. We might even like to leave some ore in the ground for future generations.
     More more more is the lie for the construction of Site C Dam.  We do not need it, the real reason some elected members want it, is that it will make them rich.  Remember we just lost a profit making railway line, and almost had the Highway from Hope to Kamloops privatized.   This is the Same Party in office,  old habits persist.  Stop the Garage Sale, they are all Hot Goods.
     Message from The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment who has been moving planter pots today.

Garden Party Pushing Up.

     We have no idea what our movement is doing or what will happen as it seems to be growing steady and not so slow. .  Self control, self government, self sustaining, connecting, supporting each other, all for the long term.  We are finding ways of developing the example of Democracy,  without taking down the Elected Government, but digging them out.  We are a Self Government, our vote counts,  we are not giving it away, we all have a voice, and a say in what's happening in our world.  Have your own election..  Take advice from your from your experts, but no one should give their vote away, that is how we get dictators who do what they want and tell us what we get,  We get to hold the bag and clean up the mess.  Well, The Garden Party is here to clean up the mess, how about you.  Planning a Garden?

Granville Market this week Canceled

   Wild Products Cannot make it to market this week.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Power Corrupts

      Syria is an example of the corruption of Power.  All of our Systems of Government are capable of turning into another Syria , including a Democracy.  A Dictator is only one person, but if that person has obedient well equipped police force and armies, suppression of opposition follows.  
     In Canada, 'tough on crime' laws and enforcement, with mandatory longer incarceration, increasing surveillance, leader picked judges, opposition will be disregarded, or locked up, or even worse.   We are heading towards the situation now going down in Syria.  As time passes, the power gets into a smaller group of people, as has already happened in the USA.  People after power or money will stage events to justify their actions for going to war with their own people.  All dissenters become terrorists when they rise up against the leaders.  The more centralized the power is, the greater the danger is losing all freedoms. Stop setting people up with power even if they are good guys.  Plenty of good guys in our history have been the cause of a lot of death and destruction. People have to develop self government in which power is in each person.  As we have it right now, you could be beat up by police, throw in jail, and given a criminal record even if you did nothing.
     The Garden Party embraces Self Government, it does not recognize the elected governments of Canada. They are the tools of corporations, who keep coin operated politicians in seats of power.  That is changing.  The grass roots is taking over Canada with 11,122 Spies.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Most Entertained Least Informed, US.

     The title words were stated by an American on a US radio station.   That is pretty much the way it is in Canada.  Slowly but surely, the Ideal of Democracy,  which was never achieved, has been disappearing.  It appears a lot of Canadians, voters and non voters are content with believing we live in a Democracy because we have a vote. We too have a very entertained and poorly informed population.
    The Garden Party of Canada is taking over the Country and has yet not heard a dissenting chirp.  We cancelled elections.  Let them try to fix the results now.  We are simply cutting  out wasted time and resources.  We now have Self Government, full participation, vote for yourself.  Now, tend the Garden.

Making Democracy

What is your definition of the word : Democracy?  The Garden Party just considers everyone equal.  Everyone gives a little, everyone gets a little.  Fair is Fair.  Yes life will have ups and downs, that's Life.  But for mankind to construct such wasteful lifestyles, at the same time be unable to take care of themselves  because of infrastructure crashes. Now a regular happening.  The Garden Party is just saying: wherever you are grow a garden.  We will grow the New Grass Roots Party, self governing, self sustaining.  Stress is harmful on persons health, and related social costs. No stress in the future.  The Garden Party, has no regular hours, to do government work, we are always on time. All the benefits come with the job.  Lots to Eat and it is specially good because you grew it. And it is Fresh!

Shut Nuclear plants Down.

     Not one Is perfectly safe, they all leak and we will have more massive disasters from Nuclear plants, no question.  Certainly a sane people would not be building more.  There are six more of the same design as the failed Japanese Nuclear Plant in the US.   The US has plans for 70 more plants. That is nuts.  Money runs the country, it runs a lot of countries.  Money makes wars, they are very popular with arm manufacturers and arms dealers.  If these companies are in your area, start the process to shut them down with the Nuclear Industry.  
     Garden Parties everywhere, from the grass roots up.

   Ate cooked dandelions today. Vic. BC

Grain Rots Waiting For Train

     Canadian railways have broken their contracts they made with the Canadian People.  The people's railway, against the majority wishes of Canadians, was privatized. The  RWY companies occupied prime real-estate in the center of every town.  They were given huge grants of land for building their lines.  Massive farm and forest resources became their property.  The  government of the day was dealing off something that wasn't theirs, there were Native People all across Canada.
     The Trains would give good passenger  service for ever, good service for moving farm goods to market.  This is the agreement, for what they were given.  The RWY companies are making big profits selling off land as they pull up the tracks.   Right now they are ignoring farmers trying to get sold grain to port.  The Railways haul farmers crops for a smaller profit, they get better paid for hauling chemicals, oils, and big square garbage cans for Big Box Stores.
    The evidence is in, they have broken the agreement.  The people should be in control of their own supply lines anyway..  We are starting the action,  people owned and operated railways.  Not private, where money for big corporations is more important than farmers grain.
     The Garden Party Declares all Trains Belong to the People! Start the process to take back the trains.

    Do Not Eat This Orange Mushroom!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Beyond Computers

     What ever the values of this great new world communication systems we hold in our hands, there are costs, many known, many unknown.  Just saying, what is the entire impact on our social,  physical, and natural environment?  Will anything function if for whatever reason our computers get shut down? We at the Garden Party are setting up all our actions so they will still continue if everything else collapses. Foresight. Who in the future might get control of the next advance that everyone must have?  This is a tool, we have a planet to sustain.  Dead Earth, nobody to buy the next new thing. 
      Feb 21st World No Buying Day, join in, take the day off.   It is also World Do Nothing Day, no shooting, no drones, no stress day.  Gardening is very relaxing. 
This has been a message from our Minister For More Unemployment, who suggests taking as many days off as possible if you are a slave for Monsanto, just one example of some things better left undone and we know lots of other things better left undone.  If you find yourself stuck doing one of these jobs, start a Garden, and grow. Glad to offer Ideas, for starters.  Show and Tell.

Refugees of Syria

    Canadians, every community in Canada could take a Family of Refugees, rent a house for them, provide what needs they have.  Show them work, give them medical like we all have and for what it's worth, kids could go to school.  When things change so they can return, fly them home.  Some may want to stay, why not.
     This action is relatively simple.  House, utilities, food, cloths.  When you or your group can provide for two years, the needs of a family, call up the Red Cross to Fly a family to where you are, and welcome them as your own Family. Do it now.  Help them to fit in to the community. If we took hundreds of families out of refugee camps it would relieve the pressures and shortages at the camps. Certainly our concerned elected PM has room for a family and can afford it.  
     No matter where you live,  a farm family would be easy to find beneficial work to do.  Take  the families most in need, commit to two years. Someone with 25 acres and a empty barn could have 5 happy families growing their own food.  Local retired gardeners and other experts would be glad to get off their antidepressants to show the visitors what works here and help them feel at home. Get on with it.

PM's Hard on Crime Laws

     Canada's new mandatory sentences for petty crime are being rejected by judges coast to coast.  Our guess is, the Judges are bringing the PM down a step. We suggest the fraudulently elected PM set a mandatory sentence for all members of parliament for cheating on elections, intentional abuse of pubic funds, and for abuse of power against the Majority of Canadians wishes.  That should put at least half of them in one of his new prisons. He would have lots of company.
    The Self Government Garden Party suggests the law should apply to the Senate and to the Deputy Ministers as well, but we will have to release a lot of  pot smokers to make room for them.  We suspect a 90% guilt. The Garden Party has no plans to build more prisons, we have more than we need, and they actually create repeat offenders.  People leaving prisons do not become better people from their experience, and that should be the goal. The elected PM seems to be completely out of touch with the abused, disenfranchised, struggling people whose numbers are ever increasing, as corporations get a tighter hold on world assets.  Fear not, it's all been theft.  and hot goods will be given back..  

     Pears apples, and grape vines done.
   Checking out the propagation of nut trees tomorrow.