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Monday, December 29, 2014

20% Reduction In Air Flights.

     Gossip is that there are more than 100,000 air flights every day.  That is a lot of spent fuel hydro carbons and heat polluting our shell, the upper atmosphere. How many of These flights are for our flying gladiators? Sports Fans, Broadcasting Crews? And the rest of the sports industry? How Many Flights every day? 10,000? 50,000?
     The Self Government of BC, and Canada, and the International New World Order, suggests a reduction of 20% of Air Flights in 2015. Everybody has to pull in the belt a bit, and there are a lot of flights we could quite easily drop to reach our goal of 20%. We should be working our way out of the clouds and develop other ways of getting around. 
     So if your investments are in Air Lines, bale out now, reinvest in land and grow a garden, or turn us loose on it.
     BC Reduces Air Flights 20%, 2015. Message from The Garden Party's Minister of Air Control. Take only four flying trips instead of five, Airmail less, buy less food that comes in by air. There are lots of little things, if done by a lot of people, make big things. 2015 is a year for billions of little things. Happy New Year, turned dirt and spread horse manure today. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Create Your Own Job.

     This will describe an example. Sitting in a kitchen while residents were cooking, with the vegetable scraps being dumped in a garbage can was just not fitting with the talk of a better world.  Instead of telling people what they should do, we volunteered to take the kitchen wastes for compost. There was no garden space, property was half covered with rocks, boulders, clay and dumped branches. We created instant gardens in large planter pots to deal with the compost. For the instant gardens we raked up the ground to fill the pots about 25%, added raw food waste another 1/4, filled to the top with any dirt and organic materials that were available, and planted garlic. Of course we were making three or four a day and just ran them all over the boulder pile. This started a opportunity to start a nursery. We started taking care of neglected fruit trees for other people, got grape and fig cuttings which we started in the pots with the garlic. We had about 800 pots planted with all sorts of things last spring, about 400 pots went out to start other gardens. Our gardens have increased or doubled every year, and is doubling again. 
     This project was started to deal with the waste in one kitchen, then to generate food for that kitchen, 150 lbs potatoes on the third year, but if cash was needed we could have marketed the pots and food for several thousands of that evil money, 
     So continue to look for work, but gardening is a nice occupation, and there are many jobs that evolve from growing gardens, besides the pleasure of eating a few raspberries on your way to pick fresh peas.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here Comes Santa

      Here comes an extra130 million pound gift for the dumps. Toxins will still be leaching out into the ground water or fish river on their way to the ocean for seven generations, Merry Christmas next seven generations. Nice gift that has a long lasting quality to it, sure to be appreciated. 
     The Garden Party is calling for a 20% reduction of waste for 2015. This includes recycled materials. Take on the challenge without Government Interference. 20% less in the Garbage Can, Recycling  Box, Compost Bin, Medicine Cabinet and Gas Tank.
     We do not have to wait for Governments to balance books that have no mathematical integrity while they are actually trying to increase our garbage making, earth raping productivity.  
     This is a grass roots rejection of Corporate Capitalism, by The Garden Party. Growing and consuming local food is one of the best ways to lower our environmental impact. Stop buying junk and Grow a Garden.

Adopt a Fruit Tree.

   This is a new prong on our pitch fork driving forward. We are now ready to facilitate anyone in the 13 municipalities of South Vancouver Island to take on one fruit tree, or an orchard. Find a tree, no matter it's condition or location, that is accessible and we will come in Free of Charge, with necessary tools, and help anyone to get started, provide information and possibly tools for tree care, processing, as well as marketing for those that need extra cash. This job can be done for personal use or even turned into a full time occupation. It has also development possibilities that will create satisfying jobs and increase local food supplies. It is a win win action, requires practically no money outlays to get started and is healthy beneficial exercise, especially for overweight people in more ways than one. We are ready to go and will travel to other parts of Vancouver Island, and will be in Port Alberni in early Jan. BC FEEDS BC PEARS, IN SEVEN YEARS. 

GP Emergency Response.

Hopefully the last emergency response we have fund out of our budget for 2015. We are catching human flesh and blood people falling everywhere through the widening cracks of the old established social services. Falling past the many poverty pimp charitable organizations right on past the churches closed doors and landing on our doorstep. And compassion for the suffering is a strong human trait. Mostly these human traits seem decrease as the well intended institutions age. They all consume growing budgets, their jobs are more of finding new ways to deny service, than help people caught in bind. The social institutions established today are such a failure that some are adding more problems than they are solving. Maybe not all need a complete overhaul, some aspects of the meat inspectors  are getting good reports. To be continued. Even a crisis and often a crisis, makes for a better people. Time to stop repeating the same mistakes. Happy New Year. 
     Two days old.
     Two years old,
    Forty years old.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Abattoirs Development BC.

    Occupation Apple Tree is now moving into sheep. Our goal is to set up abattoirs all over BC, about 130. The minimum work force per set up will be three, the goal is to take care of local meat producers needs, supply the local market, and ship excess where needed. Included with the each abattoir will be a trained knowledgeable meat cutter that knows also about animal raising so every grower is brought up to speed on best practices for best quality of meat products and best environmental practices.  We are looking for 10 ewes which will start our process to develop sustainable local 'organic' meats. The first herd will be starting on a coastal Island in a few weeks, discussions have been also started in Port Alberni, and we may also start the work to establish a 'farm to the plate' operation in Quesnal BC. There are fences to be fixed, and ewes to be purchased or donated. The operation will be in part be funded by the Garden Party with the idea of using one to set up more. The young meat cutters in training are going to operate the farm, cut the meat, and do what marketing is required. It is going to filmed, the entire process for other communities so they can do it also, it will evolve, it is the real New World Order, moving in to replace the Old New World Order of Corporate Capitalism, and other old institutions. We are starting with sheep and birds, but will reach into cattle and pigs by the fall 2015.
     BC FEEDS BC Sheep, IN 7 YEARS.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Food Banks getting less donations

     The numbers of people showing up at food banks is increasing, not fast but steady.  The donations coming are going down, not fast but steady, 18% this past year for one large food bank. Can you see the crisis coming? 
     This is one good reason to start lots of gardens close to city centres, being able to eat well, certainly helps prevent crime, gardens are nicer than lawns and you can even grow food for people to steal, plan your garden, grow extra or invite someone close by to use your yard for a garden. This can not only directly benefit the food bank with fresh garden crops, but set up the food banks with the facilities to process foods and offeri skills learning while supplying the food bank. As you develop into a self sustaining food bank, operated and run by its clients, there will be a large number of jobs and skills required, and the people who grow things will not need to get those things from the food bank.  
    The cost outlay to start a garden is nothing, if a gardener had only a strong stick, as the stick moved the garden would grow larger year after year with relative ease. Gardeners often have extra seed, especially if they grow their own, and most like to give seed away.
    Every garden should grow seed, lots of diversification, plants have better chance of survival for the long term. There are jobs here, and new discoveries to be make. 

Last Non-Shopping Day.

     We may not of had a great drop in consumer spending this past year, but we are asking for 20% less for 2015. Less everything. If we all start with one thing, and reduce it, set a goal that is do able. There are some things that can be easily eliminated. Look at your footprint, with each payment you make, with each thing you use, see it with new eyes, include the Bigfoot Print made by money,  also to add to one's footprint, the footprint made by resource extraction, process, transport, storage,and disposal, and remember that recycling does little to erase footprints.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Start A Garden Party.

     Of course you will need a garden, actually that is the fastest growing activity in BC. We expect a 20% increase in gardeners for 2015. The area that we have available for gardening in BC for 2015 has multiplied by five times, over what we had in 2014.  
     This is what we did. Started Occupation Apple Tree. Offered to take care of neglected fruit trees for free, any condition (often overgrown on the coast with blackberry bushes), and were offered one tree the first day, and fifty more the first month. We have now done over 400 trees, and work is progressing.
     There are thousands of ignored fruit trees in BC, visit one, get tools, and clean up under the tree, and if you don't know or can't figure out what to do, find a old expert and ask advice, or look up advice on the web.
     This is what we offer people who have trees, we will take care of the trees, take what fruit they want, with the rest we do what we want (so far besides our own consumption the rest has been given away).  That offer for access to the trees, and the offer of maintaining them, can be ended at any time, by either party. No money exchanged. This agreement has a mutual benefit, and certainly a community plus.
     So, there are some options, what are you waiting for? Adopt a tree, start a party and occupy government.  
     BC FEEDS BC IN SEVEN YEARS. A message from the real government of BC, The Garden Party working underground, now in five provinces.

Garden Party Emergency Response.

   We are getting our first fleet of used transport vehicles and are ready to take on any internal disaster.  This of course will mean we will cancel further purchases of tanks, war ships and jets due to the high cost of repairing flat tires and the high maintenance costs of our wheel barrels. The IMF is considering a development loan, but wants ownership of all our equipment and souls as collateral. Our finance minister not only turned the IMF down but kicked them out of B C. He has gone underground in Alberta to avoid drone attacks and is holding emergency meetings at the moment, as we expect emergency response may soon be required in the oil patch because all our equipment is potato, cabbage and spinach powered. Further driving down the price of oil.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Alberta Drowns in Oil.

     From the top of the heap heading down fast. Boom and bust, garlic grows up, regardless of markets, unaffected by the price of oil which not expected to increase. This is where governments short of cash to support their colossal departments of garbage making will start increasing gas taxes to lower deficit budgets. 2015 is going to be a crazy time. BC could easily reduce fossil fuel use by 20%, and that is the goal of the Self Government of BC according to our esteemed Minister for More Unemployment. 
     Due to the fact that the Garden Party has not rooted in Alberta yet, it will be governed from Cornerbrook, NFL by our Minister of Rock Gardens. The minister claims that Alberta will reduce dirty oil production by at least 20% in 2015 to keep up with BC regardless of what reductions take place in Mexico or USA.


      That is the Goal of occupationappletree , to be accomplished by Dec 21, 2022, a made in BC Xmas Dinner, for everybody in BC. We are quite sure if all those people on their knees were in the garden instead church they could answer their own prayers. 
     We are getting access to more land, by word of mouth over the backyard fence. We have not used up the spaces we are working on, there are spaces available to us from BC to Quebec. We have not even seen all the spaces offered. Some are in difficult areas for us to get to right now, Bella Coola, Reid Island, St Lawrence River, Quebec, even in Vancouver.  We have access to 150 acre farm near Quesnal BC. This place could become a large Nursery to supply the northern part of the Province with seeds and plants. It could also be involved plant research, a bee keeping school, a place to teach canning and drying.  Community. We will looking at it when the frost is out of the ground next Spring. 
      We have a very simple agreement with the land we caretake. The title holder can ask us to leave at any time. We look over the land, soil, water and make a plan, if agreed, we start as soon as we get what we need ready.
      We have a small, but doubling in size every year, nursery.. Planted 130 Thompson  Seedless Cuttings in planter pots today.   We also have 200 vines, one and two year old, and about 80 other cuttings planted. We hope to be planting all of them next winter in the ground. 
     When we get a new piece of land offered, we give first  attention to what is already on the land, . And progress without stress. Make a long term plan of development of what we think will serve best the land, resident(s), local needs, and then, let evolution take place.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

As you believe

     As you believe, So it shall be, some body said those words before. Well, just because one believes, does not make something true or false. Example; if you believe the world will one day be perfect, that is only possible if you recognize you are perfect. Just like every frog, even if it has three legs, that is what it has, it will do according to its ability, to survive. To the frog, perfection or desire to be other than it is, has no place in it's brain. Perfect. (Not an absolute). Can you imagine a frog in the swamp sitting there looking at its three legs thinking 'if only I had four legs I could jump farther'. It is a rare to see a frog thinking to itself about anything, they are however, always aware of Bigfoot.
     Getting back to 'believe', we know belief is not knowing. If one knows then one no longer believes. If one believes we are doing OK, that things will get better, that they do not have to give up anything they do, I am just one person, how much difference will it make if I waste, instead of getting organized, and doing the right thing. The collective is full of single persons, together we make the scene.                                                                                                                                            So the Garden Party 'believes' in zero waste. The landfills get at least a boost of 130 million lbs, in Canada for Xmas. That is our own estimates, but it may be much more. So the Garden Party is taking strong action to eliminate waste, by, if necessary, bankrupting industries involved with garbage production. One of the biggest is the food industry. And seeing money is their driving force, they will have a hard time to compete with our prices. We meet costs where we still use money, the rest does not require, scales, receipts, book keepers, IOU, time keepers, central authority, or cash registers, that means we have a smaller environmental footprint . Yes we still buy some things, and pay for this technology, but we can function without modern communication technology,  We are keeping all our processes able to function by our skills and by equipment that can be made to work without imported energy. We do not use any chemical herbicides or pesticides We know non of this is a big deal, but we like four legged frogs.  We also know if you give to much power, or your life depends on the food and drug distributors, they can take over what you get to eat. It is part of losing one's autonomy. Not that the Garden Party is the least bit concerned.
     We expect to be rooted in France next Spring. We did not have to discuss anything with the  French Elected Government, EU, UN, or the Canadian Illegal Government. The Garden Party is devouring Vegetables and pulling some old weeds that should have been pulled 60 years ago.
     Two Tons of horse manure got moved into the garden today, 

Pretend and make believe.

The Xmas daze will soon be over and 30 million lbs of resources will start their journey to the landfills across Canada. We got our gift this morning, a ton or two that will be converted to food, a gift from the Garbage Guru. There are some gifts that can be a real benefit that keeps on giving all year, will not end up in a landfill and requires no packaging. If you need a gift for that hard to shop for friend call the Guru, his emergency crew is ready to go. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

415 Million Xmas Gift

     Another war transport jet for Harper, and cash for the military industry from .Canadians tax payers. We failed to Buy Nothing for Xmas, or did we? Buying War Toys was definitely not on The Garden Party Shopping List, we never even had a list. So, legal or not, to our illegal elected war loving government, we are encouraging all Gardeners and our 29,187 Spies, to Stop Paying Taxes. The Garden Party does not believe in Debt, or paying taxes to buy military toys. End of story.  

600 to Kill, 40 to Save.

We seem to be able to respond much faster with much more to kill than to save. That 'undemocratic' Cuba with a population of 11 million does more, faster, than Democratic Canada. We sent 600 people, and are shipping made in Canada arms and equipment, in a short time for killing, compared to the response time to the Ebola Crisis. Only 40 people, and they needed training.
    That is why the Garden Party is now developing a Emergency Response Team to replace the Canadian Military. We will not be buying any 415 million dollar jets, there are already too many flying around. Training has already started, we are self funding, the ground work is getting done. We have started by doing the emergency response here in Canada, on the job training.
      Military reaction, gets more military reaction, the lessons of history. The technology available today makes military almost redundant. Free educated (not indoctrinated) people, making their own decisions, are much stronger collectively than any terrorist organization or central government. It is easy to overthrow a government, it is another thing to overthrow a free people who are the government. It is coming about unopposed in Canada. Emergency Response For Canada in 7 Years.  A Goal of the Garden Party. Self Government of Canada, 
     World Do Nothing Day, Dec 21st. Enjoy.

Two Years After End of The World

     We are making progress, unemployment in the useless jobs is on a steady increase, consumption is down, money economies are at a standstill and collapsing, Gardens are increasing and expanding, yes it has been two years of accomplishment.
    Give credit where credit is due, but there is still lots of useless activity to delivery into the compost.  The entire monetary system, coin operated political parties, flying Gladiators (Russia is leading in this department), mega projects (dams, pipelines, expanding transportation infrastructure), herbicides and pesticides, big box junk stores, prisons, fuel burning noise toys for trills and entertainment of the brain dead, yes these are a few things to work out of in 2015. Of course  ending the military industries is top of the list and they may put up a fight, but all forms of terrorism promotion will get composted soon. 
     Be sure not to miss Dec 21st, World Do Nothing Day, our monthly holiday for all wage slaves, don't miss the excitement, start early and celebrate till the cows come home. Cows have to milked even on holidays.