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Monday, December 16, 2013

World Change Is Possible

     There are still obstacles, but we do now have the technology to communicate almost everywhere about anything.
     Pretend, make believe, fairy tales, and, non-sense is fun, as a foundation for a education,  is a poor start to grow up to be a competent  capable  sensible adult.  
     The Federal Reserve, of the USA, a private corporation, by permission of  coin operated US government, has  been printing  85 Billion Dollars of Pretend Money , every month.   Stimulus.   With this pretend money, they are buying up government bonds which now the government has to pay interest on, to the Federal Reserve.  With that 85 billion every month, they also have been buying up real estate, putting funny money into the public realm.  They are buying up real assets; lots of property, resources, bankrupt companies, all with make belief money.  The scam is apparently not comprehensible by people who had a education with a foundation of pretend and make belief, fairy tales and non sense.  

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