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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's In the Doctors Wallet?

Since the 1980's drug companies have been stuffing, doctors back pockets with cash, giving them first class holiday trips etc. for pushing their drugs.  This has been and still is common practice of a lot of so called doctors who are in the profession more for the money than the well being of the people who come to them for medical help.  The Garden Party suggests that all the doctors who have received " gifts " from legal drug dealers be given the hoe.  Perhaps those drug companies involved in the practice of paying off white coat drug pushers also deserve the hoe.  Might as well throw those who license these quacks, their teachers, the Provincial Ministers of Health, the Ministers of Education, the Premiers who appointed them, the Federal Health Minister, the Prime Minister and all the voters who elected him into the compost heap and start over again.   Get a shovel and turn over the compost. 
     This is a message from the Minister Busybody of the Garden Party wishing everybody nothing for Xmas.  A new beginning taking root in good dirt.  

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