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Monday, December 16, 2013

Wake Up

When the experts talk about "The Economy" ,  and  "Building The Economy" , they really are talking about money.     That gibbal de guke numbers game where money can be written out of the sky, where the value of every item is measured in dollars and non-sence.  The real value of a dried pea, a garlic clove, or a chair never changes.  The drive to make money, because of the belief that it has value, enslaves those who have it and those who want it.  Costs are also measured in money,  a piece of junk's real costs are consumed energy, pollution created, resources wasted, industrial caused medical problems, landfills etc.   Real "Economy" is "least cost for most value."   Money is not a real value, it is a real belief at best.  The drive for a indoctrinated belief that more money will solve our problems, is the very thing that will destroy us,  it is time we took off the price tags and make sense.  We have the ability, the technology and desire to make the world a better place for all,  no amount of money, or legislative  law will solve our problems.  Get beyond money, beyond barter, beyond bit coins.  That is happening here on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, freedom from the shackles of money, money is now being pushed into history.   A message from our Minister of Funny Money, the real Government of BC to remind you of our next Buy nothing day, Dec 21st

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