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Friday, December 20, 2013

To Japan

     This is to the people is Japan.
     The Nuclear Reactors that are posing a threat to the people of Japan and lot of others has to be addressed now.  Even if bad decisions were made in the past, forget about blame, we all have made mistakes, learn from them and move on. There is no such thing as a completely safe pipeline, oil tanker, or nuclear reactor.  But right now you have a problem, all of us will be affected, we have a problem.  The people of Japan must get those in charge, or take charge,  to put all the cards on the table, and get the scientists and engineers of the world to help minimize the damage.  Ask for help, free help, let everyone know the facts, the dangers, so people can prepare, and do whatever needs to be done.  Without delay.  Put the event on the Net,  problems in the Net, use lots of brain cells, get the necessary help that you need.  Now.  The Garden Party of BC will help what ever way we can.  Now, take a deep breath and put every card on the table.  No blame, as previously stated, we are all in this mess together, let's get the best outcome possible, and if money is a problem, get rid of money.    A Dictate from the Garden Party Emergency Response, now forming to replace the Canadian Military in 8 years.

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