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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Only Game In Town

The Money Game.   It is all pretend, but if one believes,  that something is real ,  and everyone around also believes it is real, to all it is real.  And if one controls lots of the Money, they can become a  player in the big monopoly game.  Some of these players know that money, is not real. But, with the people willing to make their minds and bodies slaves to get some pretend money, to get real things that other slaves have, or for their services that they are selling for this pretend money, and  if you are a big player with lots of pretend money, you have the best and the most slaves at your service.   Lots of slaves to provide you with, and take care of, your ranch, your beach resort in the Bahamas, your pent house, your cars, airplanes, clean your toilets, provide your food etc.,  As long as all the slaves do not know they are willing slaves,  don't see that it's a set up,  they will continue to serve the best they have, to those who always want more.  This means that more will get less.  Remember it is a pretend game that there are supermen and women,  If all the little men and women saw money for what it is, abandoned its use, they would be free to work with those around them to take care of their own needs and all the super-people would soon be in the garden with them.  A message from the Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment to remind you Dec 21 is World Do Nothing Day,  don't miss it.

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