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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Buck Ends Here

It might be wise to include your local Food Bank of Canada in your investment portfolio.  The returns will amaze you, and they are more common than any other bank in Canada.  All you people with lots of numbers, must know by now that numbers have certainly had their day and soon will be worth nothing.  So the Food Bank keeps people from Starving.  Numbers,  Entitlement, Rule of Law, The Capitalist Crime, CAUSE POVERTY and by Rule of Law prevent people from getting out of poverty.  This is why the Garden Party of B C is going out on the limb to whack into a lot of dead wood, that isn't quit dead yet.   There may be a few complaints from the dragons, li ons, and Klingons.  But Everybody Goes Where the river flows and the garden party is changing course.   Our 8373 spies are now spying on everybody to see how we can get rid of the causes of poverty.  
     And just a reminder from our Minister For More Unemployment,  that this year  is the first world Buy Nothing Xmas, so Celebrate and may you have empty socks and garbage dumps.

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