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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Small Investors Beware

When the top dogs of a Corporation start bailing out, they know that the picnic is over, and they need to get ready for next spring's garden.  We will at least have some potash workers still working, they could all be working if they downsized equipment to shovels, and, then have local jobs for generations.  In the meantime, more unexpected lay offs can be expected in the raw resource industries.  Others going down  are Toys For Boys industries, Aviation Industry, Ikea Toxic Waste Pressboard Junk Industry, Fast Junk food Industries, Parking Industries and Fossil Fuel, including Natural Gas. Industries expected to grow, Non GMO Gardening, Home Made Alcohol , Shoe Makers, Blacksmiths, Black Market,  Heirloom Furniture,  and least but not last, straw mattresses; bio degradable.  

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