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Monday, December 9, 2013

Site C Dam

Let's be clear, The Garden Party of BC is opposed to the Site C Dam.  Energy to process and pump natural gas and oil, fossil fuels, for tankers to ship overseas to pay debts and make junk to fill up garbage dumps.  Jobs jobs jobs,  entertain money slaves with flying gladiators and lotto tickets.   To stop the waste, the air water and soil pollution, global warming, change is necessary.   The structure of free enterprise capitalist system, elected dictatorships controlled by 'big money', will be brought down by not buying.  This will lead to lots of unemployment of work that we really do not need to do.  What we want to do is survive, that means having our life support systems intact and healthy.  Our oceans acidity levels have increased and that is a huge danger.   When politicians,  developers, corporations, all blinded by dollar signs, push resource development and  disregard warnings,  we are in trouble and will in greater trouble unless they are stopped.  We may have a bumpy road ahead but action must be taken the sooner the better.  Food, shelter, clothing, the needs.  Stop buying imports, start growing food, or at least support local food production .  As we stop exports of raw resources and encourage local manufacturing, the transition to sustainability may not be too rough.  If we put off what has to be done, and continue to do what we are doing, the results are predictable.  Steel Pipe Lines are not needed to hold Canada together, rather they are to further rape the country and cash grab.  Dig a garden, be able to eat, massive re-employment is the only pipe line we need.  Everyone is making the scene.  Is your scene sustainable? Beneficial?  We all have a part here,  Superman and Wonder-women are fiction.  Hope is in real people ready for the challenge.

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