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Monday, December 16, 2013

Rat Trap for Madagascar

This is a good trap to catch rats.  The Garden Party used it once in a rat infested old building and caught every rat, 14, as many as three at a time,  in one trap, it took 2 or 3 days.   Take a 5 gal  plastic bucket,  put enough water in the bucket so a rat swimming cannot get its back feet on the bottom and then jump out.   Cover completely the top of water with small pieces of styrofoam, or any thing that floats, in little pieces.  The water should not be visible.  Put little bits of food on top of the floating material,  or smear a food,  fat or peanut butter a few inches above your floating material.   Put a board on the bucket leaving a good opening but cutting out light and visibility in the bucket, on the board a few tastes  to attract the rats, the rat will smell more food in the bucket, see something to jump on, and jump.   It will swim a few minutes and quietly drown.   Check the trap often,  fish out rats, dispose, replace bucket.  This method has never failed to work.  Poisoning rats is cruel, they die out sight, rot, stink, and will pass the poison on to what eats them.  Stop using poisons, they will end up in your food.

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