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Friday, December 20, 2013

Olympic Boycott, Russia

     So nice to see all the World Leaders finally following the Garden Parties example of boycotting the Olympic Games.  It seems half the gladiators in Canada are in wheel chairs and are still flying around the world wanting idol-dumb or at least a shinny piece of metal to hang on their battered body. That's a lot of jet fuel wasted for entertainment, not to mention that most of these limping  bill boards for the sports junk industry, are publicly funded on their quest for disability support.  Good work Mr Putin on kicking Monsanto out of Russia, why not kick out the Olympics,  or change the games.  For example give all Gladiators a pick and shovel and see how fast they can dig a 500m piece of frozen ground.  Then with a little hoeing in the spring you could plant peas.  
     We Gardeners are definitely bored with people who think that playing these games is a social contribution.  Without a doubt, " professional sports " is a greater liability than a benefit.   50 years ago in Canada as many people played as watched, without the weight, the  injuries, and the Sports Junk Industry.   
  This has been a message from Canada's New Government of Some People, The Garden Party, reminding you that if you are so unfortunate as to get a gift for Xmas, return it immediately or you will be punished.  You will be required to watch the Olympic Games twice.   The second time, backwards.
    On this first Annual World Buy Nothing For Xmas Event , all persons who participate will not have to watch the Olympics.  It is well worth doing nothing! And you will not need to find another hole to fill with garbaged resources.

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