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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Military Conversion, Canada.

     Occupation Apple Tree is spouting another Idea into action.  A Second Response Team, to work with and stay after a disaster.   Boot Camp started last fall.  Graduation comes with hands on learning.  Learning the skills that are needed to get people quickly able to feed themselve.  Provide the short and long term means,  ready to go .  This Emergency Response Team , will first learn how to take care of themselves, with this portable wealth,  they will be the Traveling Gardeners of BC, ready to come and prune your trees,  put in gardens  and process the food.  Set up local community food processing, and eat some apples.  This is just one of many small actions taking place on Project BC Feeds BC,  in 8 years.  We can create school gardens with direct community involvement.  We paid as we go out of our Garden Party Slush Fund,   We hold our meetings with tools in our hands and we intend to replace, in 8 years,  the Canadain Military.  Of course they could build ships for emergency response instead of war. Odds are we win every time.  They will convert and evolve,  or dissolve into history. 


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