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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Landscaping ?

Why not with edible, medicinal or plants for teas?   Tailor made to suit your desires.  Or perhaps you just need help or advice.   Occupation Apple Tree does not charge for Its service of caring for fruit trees that have been neglected,  but there are some monetary costs and we can recover those costs from the fruit if we need to,  so far there has been no charge for work done and all the harvests have been used or given away.  However the specialized landscaping will have a charge as the worker(s) have rents etc. to pay.   There will be a fair charge for this service,   There may be exceptions, and we have the expertise and crew now availblle in Victoria BC aera.
     Just a reminder from the Garden Party Dec 21st is World No Driving Day, a good day to walk or prep your garden.
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