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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kellogg Closing Plant

     Gone,  500 jobs making corn flakes, 700 jobs processing tomatoes, Ontario is a good Canadian province to invest in The Canadian Food Bank. The biggest growth industry in the country.  The Garden Party has sent 8 spies to Ontario to go underground now, and not wait until  spring.  Self Government is coming to Ukraine, to Thailand, to Stead Manitoba, NFL, and now Ontario.
       The Garden Party does not need pulp mills to turn trees into gladiator sports news, the stock market monopoly game or lotto tickets.  Pulp mills, Aluminum mills, Military mills, all consume a lot of energy. Shut down all the waste, that is where 95.8% of the energy goes.   Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, chemicals and more chemicals, consecration camps for young and old, refugee camps for the poor, sick and broken people on every street.   Merry Xmas.   People of the world,  take back your vote, be the gov, and now if the New Government screws up,  you will know who to blame.   If you leave everything up to a corrupt gov, blame yourself for that too.   Elections are over, as are kings and queens, gods and goddesses, prime ministers, and other dictators.  The Janitors  and Gardeners  are now making their own decisions on what to keep and what to cut away.

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