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Friday, December 6, 2013

Jobs Plan Working?

Doing what? The elected BC government states that it's jobs plan is working.  A lot of it on the jobs plan, developing another indispensable Department Of Useless Work.  And what is the liberal Party Plan? Dig up all the resources and sell sell sell to make more junk for valentines day?  build war ships to repel invaders? Cut forests to make lottery tickets?   What are we working for?  Where are we trying to get to?  Where are we at right now? Pretend and Make Belief?   
     The Garden Party Jobs Plan is working,  as a matter of fact we have hundreds of projects that we are starting in BC,  that are not consuming energy and making junk.  Just hauled in a truck load of old chicken manure. We have jobs for all those people working on the Liberal " Job Plan",   bring your own shovel.    The non-official  Government of BC,  has started 12 more holidays,  Feb 21st is the next Do Nothing Day, don't get too excited.  Got to watch that Heart.

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