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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy New Year, Dec. 21st.

     The Garden Party wishes all the Whales on Canada's West Coast a Happy New Year.  And a Happy New Year to the Grizzlies and Caribou across BC,  the Sage Grouse on the Prairies, and the Polar Bears who hang out up North.  Perhaps we should not be too concerned about all these things,  if the damaged nuclear reactors blow up in Japan, which according to our spies is a real possibility and needs to be addressd.  Those who claim to know what to do or can help the Japanize  should not be waiting for Criminal World Leaders to take action. They are no longer the Authority, ignore them, put your shovel where your mouth is.   50,000 people signing a petition "asking" leaders to do something?  We know what one person can do with a shovel.   We also know that if 50,000 people dug in, put their brain cells to work with their bodies, we can shut down the Nuclear Industry, or anything else.  So to you 50'000 that signed the Petition, get off your butts, Help!  If you are waiting for a response from dead brain cells  and coin operated "leaders", your signature is worthless.
    This has been a message from our Minister of Hard Rock Gardens who did Nothing all day today,   It would be nice to see 50,000 leeks come up and do nothing on our next Freedom Day  Jan 21st,   In the meantime, figure out what you can do about Japan,  and do it.  Empower yourself , self government.

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