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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dead Beat Dads

A label put on fathers of children who do not contribute to the support of their children.  Almost all fathers who leave their families also get this label.  There are two sides to every story, sometimes it is the " Dead Beat Dad" that just needs help to get digging.  The Garden Party is looking for a farm to develop as a food supply for Single Mothers.  This farm would be a place for the so called dead beat guys to contribute good healthy food for many kids and single mothers for  free.  Their contribution will be mans contribution, now get your coin collectors off the guys back and let them do something.   A farm of inspired fathers may actual create a place to reunite with their kids.  Allow things to evolve, we all made mistakes, if we learn from them, we get better.  Getting Better.  This Farm,  or another near by could be set up for Single Mothers .  These farms can be maintained by self funding.   This project has been well researched and will be a evolving success.  The Garden Party is looking for another farm that would be known as  "a good spot"  for young people who are stuck on the street.  This will also be a huge social service, will be a success across the country, and be a safe place for vulnerable youth. Plus getting life skills.  The  Garden Party does not buy or claim property but does maintain and improve the land and structures.  Ready , Go .
    Looks like 7 more apple trees and maybe a large grape vine,  Mount Douglas area Victoria B C.  Want to learn or teach, get in touch.  Pruning Now!

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