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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canadian Collapse?

     Crashes are both good and bad.  Like  property, a crash of value, ( only in money terms )  that  is about to happen across Canada,  would be considered good by renters and those who want to buy,  bad by sellers or those who claim ownership.  When those who buy to make money see the drop coming they will start to sell at what they can get to cut their loses.  If potential buyers see the crash coming they will not buy until the market bottoms out. Most speculators will lose plenty if they do not sell early,  this down turn will likely be fast and deep, and stay down, as most Canadian are so far in debt already that they cannot afford a postage stamp. Job losses are now being reported accross the country every day.  It appears that BC folks have turned off Xmas lights or BC Hydro's Increased Charges to pay for a planned Site C Dam to subsidize the freezing of natural Gas for export to China means people are being cut off power being their credet cards have maxed out.  BC residents are told they will get rich from the gas sales, but will have to give all their gains to BC Hydro to pay for the Dam.  The Natural Gas Companies will be expected to pay for the Liberal Parties hydro bills.  Plus of course.  
     The garden party statement is this:  the Hydro Imfastucture we have, the major costs have been paid. Yes upgrade and maintenance needs to be done, but the dam we have is paid for.  There is no way that the money cost should go up for power, it actually should be coming down!  Otherwise a whole lot of money is being squandered by our illegal elected goverment.  Turn off your Xmas lights, quite wasting energy for pretend and make belief, we do need the fresh air from the trees that will clearcut or drown as a reservoir for site c dam, dam it.  Save billions of bits of life, making  the air for life.

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