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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Canada Post Crashing

 The Garden Party is gathering more shovels for the 8000 lay offs coming to post office workers.  More good news from our Minister For More Unemployment.   BC has lost 58,000 jobs in the past 12 months,  our Stop Buying Days are getting good results. Next one is Dec 21.  This date is special as it will be exactly one year after the End of The World.  The after shocks are continuing, expect major job losses in the fish, toy, chemical, auto, arms, cosmetic, pulp and pet food industries.   The growth industries will be nurseries, peas, mushrooms, heritage fruit trees, grapes, and food banks.   We have recalled all our 8912 spies to see that all members of Chambers of Commerce in BC comply  with our suggestion to join the rest of the world and Buy Nothing For Xmas this year. If you must spend money, invest in a refugee camp or your local Food Bank.

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