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Thursday, December 5, 2013

BC Mushroom Picking.

  The Garden Party does everything for free except Mushroom Picking. Mushroom Picking subsidized Occ Apple Apple Tree for two years.  This past year was poor picking spring and summer.  Fall mushrooms were late in the early areas we pick.  The crops were good but the season was short.  
     We started a Mushroom Picking Training Program this year, it did very well and will continue next spring.  There are no expectations on the Trainees,  we can show them what and how to pick, process, and market. They can be a part of the team, or go independent.  Everyone is encouraged to market their fresh  mushrooms in their local community, dry the excess, then ship or bring to a Co-op Market, which has been going on in Van. for some time.  It is operated by pickers, named what it is "wild products network". 
     Wild Products Network, provides wild herbs, berries, and 70 different wild mushrooms to Van. BC residents and the International market.  We hope to soon have a supply of Seaweeds, more than we had before,  from costal communities doing local harvests.   That will be moving on the front burner or under the table this year.
     BC FEEDS BC in 8 1/2 years, your trash can will be empty, garbage dumps will be no more.   So China , expect Boom and Polution,   Bust and Rust.   A message from our Minister For More Unemployment,  who at this time is handing out pea seed in Sask.  He may go to Detroit next as new Land is being reclaimed from the auto industry.   Might be a place to plant some peas for the new economy.  Except for a couple of crammed ones there should  be lots empty vaults around to put future peas in for safe keeping.
   Join in with most of the world, and Have a Merry Buy Nothing For Xmas,  and Carry It On to a Happy to not be in a deeper hole New Year!

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