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Thursday, December 26, 2013

BC Garden Party

     BC FEEDS BC, a ten year goal, that grew out of taking on the care of neglected fruit trees for free.   To take this message into the political election we were blocked by rules,  that make being directly involved in government,  out of reach for half the population.   That is not what democracy means to us.   We solved the problem.  We now have our own Government.   
     To fill the goal of what the name implies " BC FEEDS BC," we have a training program,  on the job,  Urban  and Rural  Renewal.   Travelling Gardeners, Herb, Berry, sea weed and  mushroom pickers.  Setting up garden nurseries, food processing, taking care of fruit trees that with a little attention,  can keep producing until we get more started. 
    Pension Funds  are what carry the monetary costs,  but the real pension plan we are working on won't rely on money.  Rent and mortgages put a lot of people into useless garbage making jobs.  We are getting rid of rent, useless jobs and increasing local food production. There is lots to do, and it can be done without money. Not completely yet, but we collectively have the skills, have the tools needed,   have the know how,  and,  have a lot of people with the desire to get their fingers in the dirt..  We have started balcony gardens in Vancouver this month and expect lots more growing to happen in all our towns and cities this year.   Eight years to go.

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