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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014, World Wake-Up Year

Expecting massive increase  of Gardeners Globally.  Leeks will be huge. Every government will start back paddling as Gardeners grow.  Corporate Toxic Food Chains will unravel.  Holistic medical practices will spread like fireweed in Canada and slower but rooting in the US.  Roadkill is forecast to drop up to 20%.   Garbage production should drop by half, that includes lottery tickets, Ikea formaldehyde furniture, bobble heads, and military arms.  This year we expect a complete shut down of all new nuclear power plant plans.   The flying gladiators are headed for the garbage can of history, sports can return to fun and exercise.  The Colleges Of Sickness, Toothache, and Law,  are losing control of their cash cow.   
     Patents will be more ignored as they should.   Resource extraction will shrink for much of the Canada Mining Industry world wide as people take back stewardship of what is in 'their' backyard.   Local Control of Education, will start coming on strong this year, self government means you do not need permission to act from any other government.  Fill  Your  Boots.  And Bring a Shovel.   Plant your neighbourhood, with intent to make it Self Reliant on the local food supply,  this would also free up farm land in countries to feed the refugees camps spread around the world.  We believe that every town around  British Columbia  could take on two or three families who were farming before they became refugees.   Farmers can do things, They can be given the job of growing local food because we all need to be in control of our food source.  Support them properly,  and you too will get what you deserve.    The Garden Party will show up with shovels.  To get it started , call up the most in need refugee camp and order 3 or 4 farmer families,  don't be particular,  Farmers are fast learners.  Prepare their temporary lodging,  work together, know your goal, choose the best path to get there.  BC FEEDS BC.  
     Refugees Need A Welcome,  help them to help us grow our food. You want some people who do clean work with dirty hands. Gardeners.
     Happy New Day to all the New Gardeners that start a garden this year, a   New Years Message from our Minister for More Unemployment , a local refugee

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