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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014, World Wake-Up Year

Expecting massive increase  of Gardeners Globally.  Leeks will be huge. Every government will start back paddling as Gardeners grow.  Corporate Toxic Food Chains will unravel.  Holistic medical practices will spread like fireweed in Canada and slower but rooting in the US.  Roadkill is forecast to drop up to 20%.   Garbage production should drop by half, that includes lottery tickets, Ikea formaldehyde furniture, bobble heads, and military arms.  This year we expect a complete shut down of all new nuclear power plant plans.   The flying gladiators are headed for the garbage can of history, sports can return to fun and exercise.  The Colleges Of Sickness, Toothache, and Law,  are losing control of their cash cow.   
     Patents will be more ignored as they should.   Resource extraction will shrink for much of the Canada Mining Industry world wide as people take back stewardship of what is in 'their' backyard.   Local Control of Education, will start coming on strong this year, self government means you do not need permission to act from any other government.  Fill  Your  Boots.  And Bring a Shovel.   Plant your neighbourhood, with intent to make it Self Reliant on the local food supply,  this would also free up farm land in countries to feed the refugees camps spread around the world.  We believe that every town around  British Columbia  could take on two or three families who were farming before they became refugees.   Farmers can do things, They can be given the job of growing local food because we all need to be in control of our food source.  Support them properly,  and you too will get what you deserve.    The Garden Party will show up with shovels.  To get it started , call up the most in need refugee camp and order 3 or 4 farmer families,  don't be particular,  Farmers are fast learners.  Prepare their temporary lodging,  work together, know your goal, choose the best path to get there.  BC FEEDS BC.  
     Refugees Need A Welcome,  help them to help us grow our food. You want some people who do clean work with dirty hands. Gardeners.
     Happy New Day to all the New Gardeners that start a garden this year, a   New Years Message from our Minister for More Unemployment , a local refugee

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Evolving Government, Year Two.

     Year One after the End of the World.  A lot has happened.  The Garden Party, a social movement embracing Self Government,  has put down its roots in the dirt of BC,  Canada,  and like a grape vine, has spread from the West Coast to NFL on the East Coast.   The roots went underground across lines drawn in the sand all the way to Chile. The vines are intense in the USA, strong in China and Russia, and shoots are breaking out everywhere.   We gardeners are taking control of our destiny, we are making our own government.  It is evolving, without elections, without Prime Ministers, without open opposition.   Yes we are breaking new ground and there will be lumps, and that is where we can show our creativity.  We have turned a lot of dirt and cut off piles of deadwood in Year One.   We are taking over the Government in Canada, but why stop there, we have established the World Garden Party.  Self Government,

Friday, December 27, 2013

Pruning Sat

Apple trees , Victoria BC,  where sewage is dumped in the sea,  where drivers fall asleep at red lights,  where back room deals are made,  where garbage is dumped in the drained Heal Lake.  Welcome to Super Natural BC a corp run province,  but the Garden Party is digging in and dead wood is falling,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

BC Garden Party

     BC FEEDS BC, a ten year goal, that grew out of taking on the care of neglected fruit trees for free.   To take this message into the political election we were blocked by rules,  that make being directly involved in government,  out of reach for half the population.   That is not what democracy means to us.   We solved the problem.  We now have our own Government.   
     To fill the goal of what the name implies " BC FEEDS BC," we have a training program,  on the job,  Urban  and Rural  Renewal.   Travelling Gardeners, Herb, Berry, sea weed and  mushroom pickers.  Setting up garden nurseries, food processing, taking care of fruit trees that with a little attention,  can keep producing until we get more started. 
    Pension Funds  are what carry the monetary costs,  but the real pension plan we are working on won't rely on money.  Rent and mortgages put a lot of people into useless garbage making jobs.  We are getting rid of rent, useless jobs and increasing local food production. There is lots to do, and it can be done without money. Not completely yet, but we collectively have the skills, have the tools needed,   have the know how,  and,  have a lot of people with the desire to get their fingers in the dirt..  We have started balcony gardens in Vancouver this month and expect lots more growing to happen in all our towns and cities this year.   Eight years to go.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Granville market closed this Thursday

No Plan made yet as next market date, check Wed nights for notification, usually we come in on a Thursday.

Military Conversion, Canada.

     Occupation Apple Tree is spouting another Idea into action.  A Second Response Team, to work with and stay after a disaster.   Boot Camp started last fall.  Graduation comes with hands on learning.  Learning the skills that are needed to get people quickly able to feed themselve.  Provide the short and long term means,  ready to go .  This Emergency Response Team , will first learn how to take care of themselves, with this portable wealth,  they will be the Traveling Gardeners of BC, ready to come and prune your trees,  put in gardens  and process the food.  Set up local community food processing, and eat some apples.  This is just one of many small actions taking place on Project BC Feeds BC,  in 8 years.  We can create school gardens with direct community involvement.  We paid as we go out of our Garden Party Slush Fund,   We hold our meetings with tools in our hands and we intend to replace, in 8 years,  the Canadain Military.  Of course they could build ships for emergency response instead of war. Odds are we win every time.  They will convert and evolve,  or dissolve into history. 


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grapes Plants To Go

Gardening today, pruning tomorrow, Victoria BC.   Last year's grape cuttings, concord and two other seedless good eating varieties.  Grapes can be grown in a pot, people in Japan do it, so if you have no garden space pick up a plant and give it a try.  Still looking for places to grow gardens in Vancouver BC, asphalt not a problem.  Have fig plants in pots, ready to go also.  BC Feeds BC , 8 years.  Occupation Apple Tree can now take on more fruit trees.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy New Year, Dec. 21st.

     The Garden Party wishes all the Whales on Canada's West Coast a Happy New Year.  And a Happy New Year to the Grizzlies and Caribou across BC,  the Sage Grouse on the Prairies, and the Polar Bears who hang out up North.  Perhaps we should not be too concerned about all these things,  if the damaged nuclear reactors blow up in Japan, which according to our spies is a real possibility and needs to be addressd.  Those who claim to know what to do or can help the Japanize  should not be waiting for Criminal World Leaders to take action. They are no longer the Authority, ignore them, put your shovel where your mouth is.   50,000 people signing a petition "asking" leaders to do something?  We know what one person can do with a shovel.   We also know that if 50,000 people dug in, put their brain cells to work with their bodies, we can shut down the Nuclear Industry, or anything else.  So to you 50'000 that signed the Petition, get off your butts, Help!  If you are waiting for a response from dead brain cells  and coin operated "leaders", your signature is worthless.
    This has been a message from our Minister of Hard Rock Gardens who did Nothing all day today,   It would be nice to see 50,000 leeks come up and do nothing on our next Freedom Day  Jan 21st,   In the meantime, figure out what you can do about Japan,  and do it.  Empower yourself , self government.

Friday, December 20, 2013

To Japan

     This is to the people is Japan.
     The Nuclear Reactors that are posing a threat to the people of Japan and lot of others has to be addressed now.  Even if bad decisions were made in the past, forget about blame, we all have made mistakes, learn from them and move on. There is no such thing as a completely safe pipeline, oil tanker, or nuclear reactor.  But right now you have a problem, all of us will be affected, we have a problem.  The people of Japan must get those in charge, or take charge,  to put all the cards on the table, and get the scientists and engineers of the world to help minimize the damage.  Ask for help, free help, let everyone know the facts, the dangers, so people can prepare, and do whatever needs to be done.  Without delay.  Put the event on the Net,  problems in the Net, use lots of brain cells, get the necessary help that you need.  Now.  The Garden Party of BC will help what ever way we can.  Now, take a deep breath and put every card on the table.  No blame, as previously stated, we are all in this mess together, let's get the best outcome possible, and if money is a problem, get rid of money.    A Dictate from the Garden Party Emergency Response, now forming to replace the Canadian Military in 8 years.

Olympic Boycott, Russia

     So nice to see all the World Leaders finally following the Garden Parties example of boycotting the Olympic Games.  It seems half the gladiators in Canada are in wheel chairs and are still flying around the world wanting idol-dumb or at least a shinny piece of metal to hang on their battered body. That's a lot of jet fuel wasted for entertainment, not to mention that most of these limping  bill boards for the sports junk industry, are publicly funded on their quest for disability support.  Good work Mr Putin on kicking Monsanto out of Russia, why not kick out the Olympics,  or change the games.  For example give all Gladiators a pick and shovel and see how fast they can dig a 500m piece of frozen ground.  Then with a little hoeing in the spring you could plant peas.  
     We Gardeners are definitely bored with people who think that playing these games is a social contribution.  Without a doubt, " professional sports " is a greater liability than a benefit.   50 years ago in Canada as many people played as watched, without the weight, the  injuries, and the Sports Junk Industry.   
  This has been a message from Canada's New Government of Some People, The Garden Party, reminding you that if you are so unfortunate as to get a gift for Xmas, return it immediately or you will be punished.  You will be required to watch the Olympic Games twice.   The second time, backwards.
    On this first Annual World Buy Nothing For Xmas Event , all persons who participate will not have to watch the Olympics.  It is well worth doing nothing! And you will not need to find another hole to fill with garbaged resources.

The Only Game In Town

The Money Game.   It is all pretend, but if one believes,  that something is real ,  and everyone around also believes it is real, to all it is real.  And if one controls lots of the Money, they can become a  player in the big monopoly game.  Some of these players know that money, is not real. But, with the people willing to make their minds and bodies slaves to get some pretend money, to get real things that other slaves have, or for their services that they are selling for this pretend money, and  if you are a big player with lots of pretend money, you have the best and the most slaves at your service.   Lots of slaves to provide you with, and take care of, your ranch, your beach resort in the Bahamas, your pent house, your cars, airplanes, clean your toilets, provide your food etc.,  As long as all the slaves do not know they are willing slaves,  don't see that it's a set up,  they will continue to serve the best they have, to those who always want more.  This means that more will get less.  Remember it is a pretend game that there are supermen and women,  If all the little men and women saw money for what it is, abandoned its use, they would be free to work with those around them to take care of their own needs and all the super-people would soon be in the garden with them.  A message from the Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment to remind you Dec 21 is World Do Nothing Day,  don't miss it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Now.

Weather permitting, pruning fruit trees on Vancouver Island, mostly around Victoria. Could use a couple of orchard ladders and Quality long handle branch cutters, young legs and arms to use them.  

What's In the Doctors Wallet?

Since the 1980's drug companies have been stuffing, doctors back pockets with cash, giving them first class holiday trips etc. for pushing their drugs.  This has been and still is common practice of a lot of so called doctors who are in the profession more for the money than the well being of the people who come to them for medical help.  The Garden Party suggests that all the doctors who have received " gifts " from legal drug dealers be given the hoe.  Perhaps those drug companies involved in the practice of paying off white coat drug pushers also deserve the hoe.  Might as well throw those who license these quacks, their teachers, the Provincial Ministers of Health, the Ministers of Education, the Premiers who appointed them, the Federal Health Minister, the Prime Minister and all the voters who elected him into the compost heap and start over again.   Get a shovel and turn over the compost. 
     This is a message from the Minister Busybody of the Garden Party wishing everybody nothing for Xmas.  A new beginning taking root in good dirt.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Landscaping ?

Why not with edible, medicinal or plants for teas?   Tailor made to suit your desires.  Or perhaps you just need help or advice.   Occupation Apple Tree does not charge for Its service of caring for fruit trees that have been neglected,  but there are some monetary costs and we can recover those costs from the fruit if we need to,  so far there has been no charge for work done and all the harvests have been used or given away.  However the specialized landscaping will have a charge as the worker(s) have rents etc. to pay.   There will be a fair charge for this service,   There may be exceptions, and we have the expertise and crew now availblle in Victoria BC aera.
     Just a reminder from the Garden Party Dec 21st is World No Driving Day, a good day to walk or prep your garden.
     To get in touch:

Granville Market

Dried wild mushrooms, no morels, lots of pine and red cap boletus, lobster, some chanterelle and a wild mix, booked in for Thursday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

National Energy Board

    With our now 9200 spy's digging into National Energy board members history here in Canada, they start looking like Corperate Coin Operating Accademics that might need some guidance in how to use a shovel.    The board members however are very good words smiths.  In some form their announcement on the Northern Pipe Line will be thumbs up but may have the appearance of thumbs down.  At least  four of the last  fed gov. appointed board members have had a cosy relationship with Big Oil and Gas in the resent past.  Of course living in a Pretend Democracy does not mean majority rule, there almost has to be a public uprising before the politicians will pay attention.
    The Garden Party, the Unelected Majority Goverment of BC considers the phony NEB as a tool for private energy and purchased political parties.  Like weeds in the garden,  they should be pulled and put in the compost.  The Garden Party along with the Most Canadians states, No to the Northern Pipeline and is calling for a National Strike, if approved by undemocratic elected governments.   The Garden Party is calling for a National Strike Dec 21st, recommends everyone stay home and shovel snow.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rat Trap for Madagascar

This is a good trap to catch rats.  The Garden Party used it once in a rat infested old building and caught every rat, 14, as many as three at a time,  in one trap, it took 2 or 3 days.   Take a 5 gal  plastic bucket,  put enough water in the bucket so a rat swimming cannot get its back feet on the bottom and then jump out.   Cover completely the top of water with small pieces of styrofoam, or any thing that floats, in little pieces.  The water should not be visible.  Put little bits of food on top of the floating material,  or smear a food,  fat or peanut butter a few inches above your floating material.   Put a board on the bucket leaving a good opening but cutting out light and visibility in the bucket, on the board a few tastes  to attract the rats, the rat will smell more food in the bucket, see something to jump on, and jump.   It will swim a few minutes and quietly drown.   Check the trap often,  fish out rats, dispose, replace bucket.  This method has never failed to work.  Poisoning rats is cruel, they die out sight, rot, stink, and will pass the poison on to what eats them.  Stop using poisons, they will end up in your food.