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Monday, November 25, 2013

Time to Calm things down.

   Most people do not have a problem with people from somewhere else.  Warmongers will make a problem where there is none, then find a way to use good people to fight other good deceived people .  War.  "People" , if you find your leaders elected  or otherwise, pushing gas, or war, give them all a "hoe". They need to be grounded, The Garden Party suggests the pretenders take a holiday, at our latest Retreat , Winter Gardens in Saanich BC. We have a extra hoe or five, but we would like them to bring their own.
     Message for pensioners, "gather every hoe you can get", even broken ones.  You can use them just like a pension check.  The demand for them increases daily, there is a fair amount of people who need a hoe.
     Sell all your gas stocks and invest in your  Local Food Bank, a stable investment. 

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