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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Gardeners

The Garden Party is expanding around the world slowly, as many as 70 countries, as few as one, or anywhere in between.  There has been no attempt to keep track, everyone involved is to busy doing more important things.  Have your own Garden Party and Dig Down.  Food Self Reliance Everywhere.  Every new idea needs a first step.  Idle Ideas may need a lightning bolt to get them started. The Garden Party Ministry According To John is well grounded and has a unlimited supply of Lighting Bolts.  John lives in Harrison Hot Springs, was a seaman for 25 years, is a Vet. He welcomes all visitors, but often sleeps late.   Last house on left, Diamond off Emerald, google it.  John's life experience is transferable,  and he loves meeting strangers, and dogs.

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