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Monday, November 25, 2013


     We now know.  We have been told, by people that should know.  We have to change time.   Collectively we are killing the ocean, and even if we stop all new pollution, what is already in the system, leaking out of a million buried Garbage Dumps loaded with all the poisons and chemicals,  and still making toxic holding ponds, and finger nail polish, and dumping toxic waste into Heal Lake, that is where BC residents of Victoria, Sooke, Oak Bay, Salt Spring Island,  dump most of their Toxic Waste, one million lbs per day, we should be freaking out!  Sedative anyone? Pushing  gas , pushing coal , pushing booze, pushing oil, pushing sports, pushing drugs, money money money , and public land sales in the plans.  Send Your Money, Give us Your Voice, we will get experts and lawyers and make deals. Bull Shit!  Time to Get a shovel!   Or are you waiting for a hoe?

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