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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Roger's Crash ?

     Big problem coming to a big sports pushing corporation, tied to a long contract.  Time to get all pension funds out of Rogers.  Flying Gladiators Days are Over.  Local For Fun sports are on the rise.  Nobody will be watching mind molesting commercials.  Gardening is far more stimulating.  There are a lot business people flying around with these flying Gladiators, camera crews, media advertisers and zealous fans.  This is a lot of Jet Fuel being dumped  on Our Garden every day, not to mention, adding large amount of exhaust directly to our globle warming air, way up there.   Get all your pension funds out of the Sports Industry.  They are getting the hoe!
    This has been a message from the New Government of Canada, self appointed without opposition, a benevolent dictatorship, The Garden Party, invisible, omnipresent, without enemies. Join "your " local Garden Party, good place to start, little steps, complete one before the next one, know your goal. Enjoy your life experience without screwing up something else.  Have a buy nothing day !

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